Airports to get Advanced Traffic Management System

June 2011


Airports to get Advanced Traffic Management System

India’s Air Traffic Management System is all set for an overhaul with the implementation of the Auto Trac (AT) III system. Auto Trac (AT) III developed by US defence major Raytheon is a surveillance and safety Air Traffic System which helps in preventing flight delays by providing meteorological information apart from improving overhaul safety. This system carries meteorological information for air traffic controllers to help them adjust to changing weather conditions. This system is also fully equipped with a medium term conflict detection system which can determine aircraft’s flight path which would also help in preventing collision. At present, DGCA has installed this system at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and are also planning to install in other congested airports located in Mumbai and Chennai.

PSA  view – This is a positive step initiated by the DGCA considering an tremendous increase in the air traffic over last couple of years. This new system will improve air traffic controller productivity by allowing them to handle more traffic diligently. This system would also help in predicting the exact time of landing for aircraft.

DGCA issues new Air Safety guidelines for Pilots

As witness in the Faridabad Air crash that claimed 10 lives, DGCA have issued fresh Air Safety guidelines to Pilots and Air traffic controllers to handle unexpected events efficiently. The DGCA has issued the guidelines to deal with unexpected events like system malfunction, communication trouble or weather related problems. It has also framed rules to counter the problem of fatigue among Air traffic controllers officers and Pilots. The DGCA has recommended that all training of Pilots should include handling of unexpected situations which might arise during mid air.

PSA view –  Following the Mangalore crash which killed 158 people and the recent Faridabad air crash, it was imperative for DGCA to come up with such measures. The Air Safety guidelines issued by the DGCA is a positive step to cater to such unexpected calamities. It is imperative for  DGCA to comes up with more such measures so that such devastating events can be minimized.

Pooja Yadava
Kartikay Sharma