Broadband internet a basic right in the new National Broadband Policy!

July 2014

The Policy aims to include broadband in the list of basic necessities in the new legislation of “Right to Broadband.” Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had started a consultation process in this regard and for setting a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps for 3G connections and 56Kbps for 2G connections. The definition of “broadband” was changed to refer to connections with speeds over 512 Kbps. Policy will aim at increasing broadband penetration and convergence of various platforms like cable TV, optical fiber, wireless connection through spectrum, VSAT and satellite and bring them under one department of DOT. The Policy may also look at providing affordable broadband equipments and devices for end consumer use.

PSA view – The idea is a welcome step. However, bringing several platforms under one roof will certainly make it easier for companies to launch these services in one go. But this will definitely increase the risk of every communication medium being affected in case DOT comes out with any bad policy in future.

Neeraj Dubey