What You Can Expect

A devoted, driven and a dynamic legal team, with ability and training to think out of the box and that makes it its business to know the clients’ business.

Practical knowledge of the markets in which the clients operate coupled with an awareness and experience of political and business practices and regulatory procedures, which helps us in identifying realistic solutions.

Access to a global team through our network providing a detailed knowledge of cultural, legal and regulatory issues in various jurisdictions.

Multi-lingual capabilities, exposed to both Western and Indian cultures and capable of bridging the “business cultural” gaps in negotiations.

No learning curve ever at the expense of clients.

An expeditious “Wall Street service” at non-Wall Street fee structures.

A culture characterized by collaboration, diligence, entrepreneurship, mutual empowerment, mutual respect, open and candid communications, opportunity and fair reward for efforts expended on behalf of the clients and the firm.

Committed to best practices, code of conduct, ethics, excellence, integrity, and highest standards of professionalism, both with clients and with each other.

Collectively create an environment that nurtures knowledge, imagination and teamwork, while focusing and dedicating ourselves to quality – in all that we do.