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  • October 2020: Revisiting the Supply Chain Read More
  • September 2020: Contractual Penalties, Actual & Liquidated Damages: Walking the Fine Line Read More
  • August 2020: Commercial Contracts: Parties Intent Matters Read More
  • July 2020: Sprinklr: Avoid Data Epidemic Read More
  • May 2020: Decoding Insolvency of Personal Guarantors under IBC Read More
  • April 2020: The Elephant in the Room: The Government & Regulator under PDP Bill, 2019 Read More
  • February 2020: Unliquidated Damages: A burden or a duty of the aggrieved? Read More
  • January 2020: Social Media Marketing: A New Chapter in Consumer Protection Law Read More
  • December 2019: IBC and Companies Act: The devil is in the details! Read More
  • November 2019: Code on Wages: Recipe for Chaos! Read more
  • October 2019: IBC Amendment 2019: Slow & Sure Steps to Resolution Read more
  • September 2019: The Companies Amendment Act, 2019: Way to better Corporate Governance Read More
  • August 2019: Gauging the Wage Code, 2019: Old Wine in a New Bottle Read More
  • July 2019: Corporate Governance: Aspirational or Attainable Read More
  • June 2019: Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Act, 2018: A stopgap arrangement Read More
  • May 2019: Internet, Intellectual Property and all that jazz: Hyper-linking, Framing and Meta-tagging Read More
  • April 2019: Sufficient Cause: Not sufficient for setting aside an arbitral award Read More
  • March 2019: Abuse of Dominant Position: Contours Changed Read More
  • February 2019: Draft Intermediary Liability Rules, 2018: Docking at Unsafe Harbours? Read More
  • January 2019: Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018: For better or worse? Read More
  • December 2018: SEBI tightens reigns on corporate governance yet again Read more
  • November 2018: Consumer Protection Bill, 2018: An Insight Read more
  • October 2018: Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018: a paradigm shift? Read more
  • September 2018: Indian Anti-Corruption Law: Following the Global Trend Read more
  • August 2018: Taxation of Non-compete Fee Read more
  • July 2018: CCI on Leniency Regulations Read more
  • June 2018: Insolvency Code & Status of Home-buyers: A Conundrum Read more
  • May 2018: Termination of Arbitrators: Judiciary Sets the Bar Read more
  • April 2018: India’s Cross-Border Merger Regulations, 2018: An Overview Read more
  • March 2018: Privacy laws of digital India: Need to gear up to EU’s GDPR Read more
  • February 2018: Reciprocal Promises: An Overview Read more
  • December 2017: A March towards Digitization Read more
  • November 2017: The Evolving Competition Law Landscape for M&A Read more
  • October 2017: Anti-competitive Agreement: The Magnified Burden of Proof Read more
  • September 2017: Independent Directors: Long Way to Go Read more
  • August 2017: E-Pharmacies: Prescribed to Succeed Read more
  • July 2017: The Excel Crop Case: Turnover vs. Relevant Turnover Read more
  • June 2017: People or Production? Divergent Priorities Reflected in the Blue Collar Termination Laws of India and Georgia Read more
  • May 2017: Tata-Docomo settlement-strong signals Read more
  • April 2017: Draft Prepaid Payment Instruments Rules, 2017: An Analysis Read more
  • March 2017: Arbitration: An Emerging Litigation! Read more
  • February 2017: Privacy laws of digital India: Not enough to protect privacy Read more
  • January 2017: Smart Cities: Need for a regulatory framework Read more
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